Commercial vehicle on-board video systems can be separated into two categories: continuous and event-based recording systems. Current continuous video systems are capable of recording uninterrupted footage from multiple interior and exterior cameras. Event-based video systems record for a designated time both before and after an event, such as a crash or hard braking.

This is where MobiCam is different. With MobiCam you have the best of both in one product. It is a continuous recorder with the functionality of a event based recorder.

Welcome to the MOBICAM

MDVR Solutions


The MOBI X1 is a powerful Mobile Digital Video Recorder with up to 4 analogue and 1 IP camera. It has mainly been designed for video surveillance to help in fraud prevention, driver training and accountability.

The MOBI X1 is a powerful Hybrid Digital Video Recorder with all the functionality of a dash cam solution and all the power of mobile video surveillance.

With MOBIVIEW video and tracking and evidence vault software, you can monitor you’re your fleets location, live stream video and view video alarms send to the servers automatically. The MOBI X1 solution supports a wide variety of accelerometer generated events for corrective training and I/O’s that can trigger a video alarm. Apart from alarm video events, video will be continues recorded on the MDVR that can be remotely viewed or downloaded if more information is needed.

For large fleet deployments and multiple depots we have Mobi-WIFI as managed optimized WIFI infstracture to maximize performance.

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Key Features

  • 4 Channels WD1 + 1 Channel 720P
  • 3 Stream Technology
  • Recording of video and audio
  • GPS for location tracking
  • 3G/4G for live view, tracking and video event downloads
  • Accelerometer for driver behaviour video events
  • 8 Digital input, 2 output, 1 RS232, RS232 to RS485 convertor
  • 500GB to 3TB storage
  • 360 degree anti-vibration technology
  • Data recovery technology
  • Configuration – EasyCheck and OTA
  • Firmware upgradable remotely (OTA)

Basic Functionality

  • Configurable time to power off on ignition off
  • Individual recording settings for each camera
  • Live streaming bandwidth – configurable
  • Individual quality settings for each camera
  • Audio recording for cabin
  • Infrared for night time video recording
  • Capture inefficient and risky driving & collisions
  • Panic Button
  • Driver record button
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Auto upload alarm video
Specialized MDVR Solutions
  • City Buses
  • Trains
  • Police
  • Ambulances
  • School Buses
  • Taxi’s
Yellow Metal Solutions
  • Mining Equipment
  • Fleets Management
  • Container Management
4 Camera System
  • X1-H0401 MDVR with 1TB HDD, GPS and 3G
  • Accelerometer – Driver behaviour & accident detection
  • Road view camera with IR – Analogue
  • Cabin Camera with IR and audio – HD IPC
  • Fuel tank view camera – Analogue
  • Cargo view camera – Analogue
  • Extras:
  • 5th camera optional & up to 3TB HDD
  • Panic button & Record me button
  • Motion detection at Fuel Tanks
  • Additional alarm triggers
2 Camera System
  • X1-H0401 MDVR with 500GB HDD, GPS and 3G
  • Accelerometer – Driver behaviour & accident detection
  • Road view camera with IR – Analogue
  • Cabin Camera with IR and audio – Analogue
  • Extras:
  • Panic button
  • Record me button
3 Camera System
  • X1-H0401 MDVR with 1TB HDD, GPS and 3G
  • Accelerometer – Driver behaviour & accident detection
  • Road view camera with IR – Analogue
  • Cabin Camera with IR and audio – Analogue
  • Fuel Tank Camera with IR – Analogue
  • Extras:
  • Panic button
  • Record me button
  • Motion detection at Fuel Tanks

Body Worn Solutions


MobiCam body worn camera technology and software make it easy for agencies of any size to collect, manage and safe guard evidence from street to court.

We invest time and effort into achieving an unparalleled understanding of how body worn video is used in the policing and law enforcement field. This understanding is built into our product design.

Ironclad security and evidence backup in the cloud protects all aspects to ensure higher prosecution levels in South African courts.

“MobiCam protecting officers and increase public perception”

Video solutions promotes:

  • Officer safety
  • Professionalism and performance
  • Complaints concerning police practices
  • Public opinion
  • Agency leadership
  • Training
  • National security
  • Evidence from street to court digitally managed
  • Improving citizen service
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Increasing the speed and precision of decision making
  • Providing powerful evidence

“In summary, video applies more eyes to more problems with greater reliability and lower costs”

  • Applying appropriate force
  • Enabling mobile and rapidly deployable communications
  • Extending command centre’s visibility to vehicles
  • Providing tactical awareness for responders
  • Providing a force multiplier
  • Enabling public-private partnerships
  • 1080P Full HD Video
  • Wide Angle 40 degrees lens
  • 16 megapixel photograph
  • 3000mAh battery
  • 1080P Full HD Video
  • Wide Angle 40 degrees lens
  • 16 megapixel photograph
  • 4000mAh battery
Docking Station
  • Up to 2.0A of self-adaption current on each port
  • Ultimate capacity 120W
  • Support up to 8 units
  • USB2.0 to PC

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  • 1080P Full HD Video
  • Wide Angle 40 degrees lens
  • 16 megapixel photograph
  • Auto infrared
  • 1080P Full HD Video
  • Wide Angle 40 degrees lens
  • 23 megapixel photograph
  • Auto infrared

LED Policing


Protecting Officers, Families and Communities

ANPR / LPR • Analytics • Facial Recognition

Stretched budgets and decreased grant funding have limited agencies from deploying technology as broadly as they would like. Now, Mobicam introduces a way for agencies of all sizes to easily deploy and afford a comprehensive suite of technology solutions that may otherwise be unattainable. License plate recognition (LPR) system(s), unlimited LPR data from Mobicam’s national network of over 2 billion detections, a turnkey facial recognition solution, hosted LEARN LPR analytic software, and a new mobile application for agency-wide deployment – this is all available to you today.

Intelligence-Led Policing (ILP) from Mobicam provides you with the following tools to help you leverage different technologies to achieve greater efficiencies in your Agency while reducing crime and improving officer safety. ILP helps you accomplish this by providing all of these technologies in one packaged offering – at over 75% savings on average when compared to purchasing these individual items on their own!

LEARN LPR Analytic Software

LPR data is made useful with LEARN. Easy to use, but extremely powerful, LEARN is available to your entire agency under ILP. From the simplest of LPR Queries, to complex analytics, LEARN will help you see LPR data in an entirely new way and bring additional cases to closure.

Unlimited Use of Mobicam LPR Data

Known to many as NVLS, Mobicam’s private LPR database is the largest in North America with over 2 billion detections growing at over 70 million a month. Your ILP package includes unlimited access to this LPR data via LEARN to help generate additional investigative leads.

LPR System(s)

Every ILP package comes with a prescribed number of mobile or fixed LPR systems to fit the needs of your Agency. These LPR systems can aid in real-time identification and intervention on vehicles of interest, and will also assist in building additional investigative data for your Agency’s use inside of LEARN.

FaceSearch Facial Recognition

Every ILP package also includes a turn-key facial recognition solution that works for agencies of all sizes. A hosted solution,FaceSearch is accessible via the web and also via Mobicam’s Mobile Companion smartphone app. Match against Mobicam’s pre-populated face image gallery, and upload your own mugshots for even better matching.

Mobile Companion

Mobicam’s Mobile Companion encapsulates everything about ILP. Deploy the Mobile Companion across your entire agency so that everyone benefits from ILP. Mobile Companion allows for scanning and querying of license plates, addition of Hot Plates, Alert Notifications, Mobile Hit Hunter and other exclusive analytics, FaceSearch facial recognition, and more – all from your mobile device!

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